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Brianne on set for "A Place For Ashes"

     Hello! My name's Brianne (they/she), and I'm a video director and editor based in New York City. I graduated with my BFA from Emerson College's esteemed Media Arts Production program (class of 2020, an incredible time to graduate college!).


During my time at Emerson, I had the opportunity to work on my thesis project, "After," a deeply personal film about PTSD after sexual assault. Since then, I have been devoted to writing from a place of personal truth and creating content that can initiate real change. I am passionate about diversity and inclusivity and strive to increase the representation of all women and queer people in the industry.

My award-winning debut short film, "A Place For Ashes," is making its way through the festival circuit. It is a coming-of-age story of two sisters repairing a strained relationship. So far, it has been accepted into three festivals, including the Long Island International Film Expo. "A Place For Ashes" is the audience-choice winner for the 2023 NY Lift-Off Festival and I have recently been nominated for Best Director at the NY Long Island Film Festival.

Recently, I edited a short feminist horror called "Rotten Meat," (dir. Rebekah Strauss) which premiered at the Angelika East in NYC. This paired with my previous psychedelic thriller made me realize I want to specialize in the horror/thriller genre featuring women and queer-led stories.

I strongly believe in building a community of like-minded creatives. If I get to edit something cool, I'm happy! 

Aside from filmmaking, my passions include dying my hair, collaging, cooking, playing indie video games, and my cat Bean. 

Check out my latest interview with New York Women in Film and TV here!

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